S.A.S. is pleased to announce services at San Francisco International Airport with long-time partner American Airlines!
S.A.S. will be interviewing all current G2 employees who currently work at SFO on the AA contract for Wheelchair and Skycap services, who would like to come over to S.A.S.  We will also be in compliance with the SFO retention act and hire eligible required employees currently working who would like to join the S.A.S. Team!
For those working for the current provider as wheelchair porters or skycaps, we will be at SFO on Thursday and Friday (February 27-28) to meet with you, answer questions, and talk about our plan, our culture, and the benefit of working at S.A.S.  Please CLICK HERE to start your application process for potential transfer to S.A.S.
If you are working at SFO or in the area, and interested in this opportunity at S.A.S.,  we'd like to hear from you!  Please click below to apply:
S.A.S SFO New Positions