S.A.S. Team Members are our greatest priority and we are working diligently to ensure their health/safety and the health/safety of every single person with which we come into contact with at our airports.  The environment and recommendations are changing each day in terms of advisories and our actions and so are we! 


Here’s what S.A.S. is doing:


  • Our Safety and Compliance Department is regularly checking in with the CDC and all related federal/state/local authorities, the airport authorities, and our partner airlines for the latest bulletins, recommendations, and advisories; and then translating those into action plans via corporate and local directives.

  • We are providing briefings and trainings for all management and front-line employees on the above.

  • We are working with our employees who have been affected in terms of family-care and other related needs to adjust their schedules as much as possible.

  • We are asking employees who are sick to stay home and seek appropriate care.

  • We are providing materials as recommended by the CDC for cleaning.

  • At LAX, S.A.S. is fully compliant with LAWA's mandatory annual training applicable to all vendors.

Each day we continue to modify all of the above as per the latest directives.  Things are changing quickly and we are moving with the changes.  Check back for details and we will update as needed.

Employee Links - 

For potential employees impacted:

CA Unemployment Link: https://www.edd.ca.gov/Unemployment/UI_Online.htm

CO Unemployment Link: https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/cdle/unemployment

HI Unemployment Link: https://labor.hawaii.gov/ui/

NV Unemployment Link: http://ui.nv.gov/css.html

TX Unemployment Link: https://twc.texas.gov/jobseekers/unemployment-benefits-services


For LAX Employees


Los Angeles Mayor's Site: https://corona-virus.la/.


For help with accessing food, cash, health or in-home care programs, people who live within the County of Los Angeles may apply online at dpss.lacounty.gov or call (866) 613-3777.


For information on resources the City is providing those impacted by COVID-19 who may have trouble paying rent or utilities, or for business owners impacted by the pandemic, you can learn more at https://corona-virus.la/faq.